Saturday, August 27, 2011

Towards Costa Smeralda

We spent next night in a bay behind the Isola Ruja near Capo Comino. Next morning we sent the expedition to explore the land.

This is our "small" sailboat ....

... and our "big" sailboat is on the right (the small thing in the distance - on both photos below)

Putting the rig together 

Next night we anchored in a bay south of Capo Coda Cavallo. The beach was nice, though very crowded. There is island Isola Tavolara in the background.

This is the first batch of muffins made on this boat (banana - chocolate to be precise), it came out very well and it did not have the time to cool down :-)

There are many pretty anchorages around Capo Cavallo and surrounding islands.

Isola Tavolara from west and then from north

Red rocks are tipical for this region, these we found in Cala Liscia Ruja, where we spent the next night.

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