Sunday, July 27, 2014

The trophies

This summer is very rainy and not so hot as usual. It makes some creatures happy, like snails, and grass and everything is also very green, but the rest of us would like to see some proper summer with lots of weather for ice cream and gin&tonic. 

The mushroom season started early this year, also because of lots of rain. While I was visiting my parents last week, me and my mom went mushroom picking. I was not very hopeful to find much, I haven't been in the woods much in recent years, although we did a lot of mushroom searching and picking when I was a kid.

This was my first find, a pretty porcini mushroom (jurček).

And a bit later I found these two summer porcine...

... and this one was really big, 350g.

There were some pretty bluebells there.

We also find some chanterelles (lisičke) and mushroom of genus Russula (golobice). But these three are the real trophies.

They were delicious, most of them we ate in a frittata style dish with eggs and lots of fresh parsley, and some parts of the older porcine we dried and we will make a tasty soup or sauce with it.

 There are also many trophies in my garden. Everything is growing like crazy, and I even don't need to water anything. There are cucumber, zucchini, green pepper, green beans and lettuce in abundance, it may be a bit too wet and cold for tomatoes, water melon and honeydew. Of all the garden trophies this one was probably the prettiest - a dragonfly on the lemon tree.