Monday, February 3, 2014

Lace made of ice

In late December we were in Germany, we visited our dear friends Marion and Harald. Normally we would hang out together in some anchorage in Caribbean, or celebrating the New Year together as last year in Antigua, but this time they were visiting parents and friends in Bavaria, Germany. We used the opportunity, since it is easier for us to drive there than to fly to Caribbean, and visited them. We had a great time together.

Holidays went by quickly, after two years away we celebrated with our families again.

Winter was very rainy and quite warm. Last week we finally got some snow.

The Hamamelis bush (nepozebnik) already started to bloom, but this is not unusual, this is one of rare plants that blooms in snow. I like the rusty colour.

Winter is best spent in front of a fireplace.

On Friday the catastrophe begun. It started out as rain, that turned the snow into icy lace...

... but in the evening it turned to icy rain, that covered the trees and everything with thick ice. Trees started breaking and falling onto roads, power lines, power poles started to fall down and by Saturday a big part of Slovenija was without electricity, without heating, without communication, and with blocked roads. We in Zabnica lost electricity on Saturday evening, it was out till Sunday noon, and Internet is only back since couple of hours. And it seems our problems were really minor, situation in Slovenija today is almost worst than yesterday. And the forecast for tomorrow is again icy rain. If there weren't for the damage and danger - the trees with ice glaze actually look very pretty, especially at night, when they sparkle like covered with crystals.