Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Zabnica news and Heron update

We had a couple of warmer weeks here lately and the best thing is, everything is getting green and blooming. One of the native flowers of the area is the Chess flower (Fritillaria meleagris), or Močvirski tulipan in Slovene. It grows on wet meadows and hates fertilisers and being mown too often. And that's also why it is getting more and more rare, so finding a spot where it is in abundance is so nice.

These three are from my garden, I bought them a couple of years ago and they are still alive.

We've driven to Krk to check on Heron every once in a while. One time I found these pretty guys attached to the side of the pier. They are nudibranchs named Antiopella (Janolus cristatus), or Mehurčasta škrgarja in Slovene. They should normally live in deeper water, but these two were just below the surface. I took the photos from the outside, water was way too cold to go in.

We were in Klimno again yesterday, it was time to do spring cleaning of Heron - Tomaž took her to Crikvenica, where she was today lifted out of the water, will get a new antifouling and even be polished, and her Yanmar engine needs a bit more serious maintenance. There is also some work to be done in front head (ie toilette), and afterwards Tomaž wants to install Wallas heating unit. Lots of work...

This is Tomaž sailing Heron to mainland.

I drove back home yesterday in the afternoon, and just had to stop in the wood near Klimno to take a few photos of these lovely Spring sowbreads (Cyclamen repandum), or Primorske ciklame on Slovene.