Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panarea and Stromboli

From Vulcano we passed Lipari and sailed towards Panarea. All the anchorages were already pretty full in the afternoon,

so we "parked" our boat under this rock for the night. Needless to say - we were not alone here either...

Next day on our way to Stromboli we passed this strange rock/island, it's called Bazilucco i think.

From the distance Stromboli looks like an ordinary round island with the cloud over the top. 

It is when you see the north side you realize that "cloud" is actually smoke coming from the crater and there are rocks flying from crater occasionally and rolling down the hill all 1000 m to the sea.

We went back (with dinghy) that nigh and then we could see the whole spectacle "in color" - red hot lava and stones flying from crater, and stones are still red and hot when they hit the sea. 

There was a rowing regatta that evening and all the locals - and many tourists - gathered on the town beach.

We climbed the streets of the old part of small town of Stromboli. Streets are so narrow, you inevitably end up taking photos of other people and vice versa. 

After a steep hot climb to the terrace near the church you are rewarded with a great view of the town, anchorage and a small rock of Strombolicchito.

Hmmm, is it gonna be ricotta or pistachio canolli today?

This is a knob for holding the window shutters in place. It is a gentleman, when in upright position, and a lady when turned upside down.

Little town of Stromboli photographed from out boat - right under the church is the terrace wit great view and delicious canolli.

Strombolicchito - a little less than a mile to the north - or "my rock is my castle".

On our way back to Panarea we couldn't resist to take some more photos of volcano.

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