Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some more photos from Greece

This is how you moor in Greece - anchor off the shore when the depth allows then back up to the shore and then you need a good swimmer or a good dinghy-rower to get the long ropes to the rocks and tie them. This procedure can take quite some time, sometimes you have to repeat it and tn the meantime the dinner might get cold....

One of my favorite little towns - Kioni on Ithaka. Unfortunately many sailors think the same so the berths near town were all taken when we arrived. So we moored in the bay under the graveyard - at least it was peaceful.

The view from the terrace to the town quay.

The town has several nice places to sit, drink coffee, eat chocolate cakes (sigh!) or have dinner....

After Ithaka we sailed the channel between Cephalonia and Ithaka towards south. Gentle wind from the north was just right for gennaker.

After making stop in Kilini we sailed back to Zakynthos, right to Agios Nicolaos, where we were the night before. We figured out this would be good point to sail of towards Italy. And we wanted to eat some more mousaka and veal with vegetables in Taverna Porto again. Dimitri and his family run the place (as well as the gas station and several boats for day trips) and put a lot of love in the food they are preparing and in the service for their guests - we felt really welcome and among friends. Dimi, a big thank you again from both of us, especially for wonderful bread that kept us going on our way to Italy. We'll be back some day.

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