Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring is coming

 Beginning of February was a sad time - icy rain was falling for several days and every day the damage grew. Parts of Slovenija were without the power for more than a week and lots of power lines and railway electrification is damaged or destroyed. But the saddest is the sight of forrest, these photos were made along the highway on our way to Monfalcone.

It will take a lot of time for the trees to grow back. Luckily our garden was not damaged very much.

We've been busy with everyday life, by now we are fully back to land life - we never have any time and are always in a hurry. At least the moments at home are more peaceful. 

Captain has a new best buddy - Snuki.

Tinka is performing cat aerobics every day - the kind that is appropriate for 16 years old cat.

With March the spring begun and walking through our garden is a pleasure.

The apricot tree is full of blossoms and also full of bees.

Dandelion (regrat) is actually a weed not a flower, but since we eat it in salad, it is a useful plant for us.