Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the water for 3 months - fouling check

We are now in the water for little more then 3 months and here is the status of our anti-fouling.
We had it done in Koper and they used two coats of ablative paint.
Ablative means it is slowly dissolving in the seawater and thus prevents creatures to get a grip on a boat's hull. Bad thing about this is, that if you touch the boat you are all blue - so you do not touch the bottom of the boat. It is also not easy to clean the bottom without removing all the paint.
For the prop we used a transparent spray for prop anti-fouling and of course we covered the prop zinc before - it must stay unpainted.  General observation: So far so good, few spots are not 100% clean.
Area not painted was already cleaned a few times and it gets fouled very fast.
Here we are at anchor at Arbatax, E coast of Srdinia.  Arbatax means 14 towerts in Arab - we just took a picture of one.
 And here is Heron's underwater:
Ruuder is clean. In few spots forward (just behind the prop) the anti-fouling paint is already very thin or missing.
 The prop always folds, so I had toopen it to take picture of zinc:

 The vinyl rim is not anti-fouled and I have to clean it often. Same is for the grounding plate:

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