Saturday, July 24, 2021

Beginning of summer

So here I am again. It's been a long time again....
After long winter that lasted through most of April, May was rainy and still cold and in June summer came. Just like that, without transition, it got hot and dry and nature, that didn't even had the time to recover from winter yet, was faced with next crisis. Even if we didn't have corona, it is a very unusual year.
Captain sailed Heron from Monfalcone, where she was wintering, to Croatia already in May and is still on board. I stayed at home and was busy taking care of house and garden, was meeting friends a lot (finally!) and made some trips with my mom. First was to the Slovene coast, first we stopped in Strunjan and then in Piran. It was beautiful, although quite hot. But we had a great day, good food and mom was very pleased.

Tartini square
Few weeks later we drove to the hills, first to Bohinj lake....

...and then over the Planina Uskovnica (the road was very bad and driving quite adventurous, I don't think I'm doing it again)... Rudno polje and Pokljuka and back home.
In June I joined Captain on Heron for couple of days. We started in Petrčane N of Zadar and sailed to Murter first. It was really nice, weather was great, not too crowded, so we even had some pretty bays all to ourselves.
Town of Betina
And finally I got to go snorkelling again. I saw lots of old acquaintances. I think this is this Red triplefin (Tripterygion tripterinotus or rdeči sprehajalček)...
...and this is Red anemone (Actinia equina or rdeča morska vetrnica), a very rare sight for me with tentacles partially exposed.
I was really happy to find this pretty guy, this is the third time I saw him - he is a Tripterygion delaisi (Yellow triplefin  or rumeni sprehajalček).
And this is a smaller version of  Red triplefin, I couldn't find English name (Tripterygion melanurus ali pritlikavi sprehajalček).
And this is green algae called Green sponge ball (Codium bursa or kroglasti kodij).
And one more Red anemone
And this is Twin fan worm (Bispira volutacornis or dvoperjaničar)
Another bay on S of Dugi otok, where we were the only boat anchored for the night...
...with a view to Kornati.
We sailed through narrow and shallow pass of Proversa Mala...
...and then back through Proversa Vela. This pass was dredged by army to 5m depth so it sees much more traffic, although it is still quite narrow.
Later we sailed by on small town of Sali...
...and made a stop in front of even smaller town of Žman and had a great dinner in local restaurant.
After a week I was back home. 
One day I found this beast in my garden and I couldn't resist a photo. It is Praying mantis (Mantoptera or bogomolka)
In couple of days I'l be joining Captain on Heron again, this time for couple of weeks. So you can expect more snorkelling photos...

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sometimes it snows in april

So, here I am again, after a very long time. Not that there is so much to write about, but I wanted to let you know we're still alive and ok. The winter was grey and depressive, and there was not much inspiration for writing. Because of lockdown there was very little we were allowed to do, we couldn't travel much or meet our friends. And of course we were not able to drive to our boat.

We had some nice weather in March, it was sunny and pretty warm during the days. It was sunny and everything started to bloom.

I also turned 60 in March, we had a couple of nice parties with our families and friends. First two cakes I made myself, both were really good - the chocolate mousse cake...
...and the lemon curd pavlova...
...and this pretty and delicious chocolate pear cake my friends made for me.
I also got plenty of presents, as well as beautiful flowers.
After pretty great March we got a very cold weather front that came from Scandinavia in April, that not only brought a good amount of snow, but also very low temperatures. My flowers were covered with snow...

...and apple tree in bloom also.
It got to -10 deg C in the night and all the leaves and blossoms and even some branches on fruit trees froze, as well as many other plants. 

Later in spring weather got better and Corona situation as well, so we were able to travel around Slovenija. On a really sunny day we visited the remains of the San Sergio fortress above the village of Črni kal. There is a great view from there to Triest...
...and over the highway to Istria.
There were some pretty flower along the way.

The village of Črni kal
And the fortress

It is built on a rock that is separated from the rest of ridge and can be accessed only over the bridge. The vertical wall is very popular with climbers, as you can see below the bridge.

Since my plants, that normally bloom in spring, got covered in snow in April, they obviously thought it was another winter and they started to bloom again in May.

Most of the trees and plants recovered, there was no blooms on any of them, so there will be no fruits this year. But we're glad they are not dead.

At the moment things are looking up, weather-wise and also Corona-wise. We're having warm summery weather, both Captain and myself have been vaccinated already, so we can travel as well. Captain is already sailing in Croatia, I'm joining him later in June for couple of days and then in August and September. I guess he is happy, as always on Heron, and I'm taking care for house and garden and trying to catch up with all of our friends we haven't seen the whole year. But this summer we're staying close to home, in Croatia, situation still feels too uncertain to make plans for longer travel. But in following months there will be more posts, at least about sailing and snorkelling in Adriatic.