Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last day in Sardinia

Today we managed to start sailing already before 9 o'clock - we knew the day will be long, with wind on the nose again.

This is how Isola rossa looks in the morning sun. Right here in front of this island (in the middle of the photo) we spent the night.

The wind was not so strong as yesterday and luckily the waves were a lot smaller, so the ride was not so uncomfortable. But we still had to zig-zag. We decided to sail closer to the coast to at least see some interesting scenery. And one of the prettiest things we saw was for sure town of Castelsardo (i would assume that means Castle of Sardinia - my Italian is getting better and better :-). Old town sits high on the hill above the sea and looks beautiful, while there is new part of town behind the hill (not looking pretty). I was sorry we didn't have more time, i'm sure it would be great to walk those narrow streets.

We also saw Porto Torres while sailing by, but it is ugly, so there are no pictures.

At 6 in the evening we reached our destination and we dropped the anchor near island IsolaPlana that lies between Sardinia and Isola Asinara. We couldn't believe the color of the water and of course jumped right in. It was cloudy all day, so we were glad that sun came out and gave us the feeling that summer is back. If tomorrow morning wind is not very strong, I'll go swimming again - before we sail off.

The clouds came back some time later just to perform spectacular sunset.

Even in a dim light the water still looks emerald green. 

Tomorrow in the morning we are leaving through the opening between those two towers in the picture. We have some 190 nautical miles to sail and we expect to reach Mahon on Menorca on thursday evening. We will post couple of the messages from our sat phone, for "regular" posts with photos we will need to get Spanish SIM for mobile internet again. So it might take a while.
Till then.

This is the photo of our chart plotter with our today's trip (and part if yesterday's). Today we started where the blue spot is and now we are where the black arrow is. You can clearly see, why it took so long.

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