Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to land life

How time flies..... It is now four weeks since we left St Lucia. Last days there were filled with work, we did or best to prepare the boat as much as possible for hurricane season. Even the captain was happy with the results.

On Friday, 13th, we traveled the first leg of our journey with this speedy boat to Martinique. 23 knots of speed is something we will for sure not see on our Heron.

In the evening we flew with Air France from Martinique via Paris to Ljubljana. Food was good, wine also :-) and i was watching movies all night, among them also Some like it hot, one of my favorites - i had some catching up to do after whole year without tv!

First days were a shock for us - weather was rainy and cold, and we just couldn't get over jet lag.  It took quite some time until we got into new rhythm and started to function normally. We have been very busy - there is a lot of work and cleaning to be done inside and around the house, there are some legal things to be taken care of, doctors to be visited, finance and tax matters to be solved....

But there are also much nicer things - like meeting family and old friends, visiting places, spending time with our cats... And a lot of good food everywhere. We are enjoying every moment of it.


... Bela...

... and Schnuki.

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