Thursday, December 31, 2020

End of the year

As the end of 2020 is approaching,  we wish you all a much better 2021, with all the things we were missing in this year - spending time with family and friends, parties, traveling, eating out.... 


Instead of whining and complaining about the current situation, here are couple of photos of few nice moments in last months.

I found this beautiful beast in in my garden in beginning of November. It is a Southern Darter or Sredozemski kamenjak (Sympetrum meridionale). I was surprised that I found him out so late, but this year we had a very warm November.

Just look at these eyes. And shoulders...

 On rare occasion we make an outing. On one of the days as we had fog in the valley, we drove to Rakitna, it is just high enough to have more sunshine.

The lake was pretty, with a bit of fog lying on the surface...

...and even some ice in shady spots.
The most interesting thing we saw was a fresh water crab. He was wandering about and wasn't camera shy at all.

Captain's phone is water-proof and so he was even able to take some under-water photos.
We were happy to have such a nice weather for our walk...

...since this kind of weather was awaiting us in the valley.

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