Monday, April 7, 2014

Heron news

 Since we're bound to land life for a while I have every intention of making the best of it. One of the very few things I was missing while living aboard were plants, flowers and garden. I was struggling with a basil plant in a small pot, I carried it out on the sun when we were on anchor and carried it into the boat when sailing and tying it down to the gimballed stove and the poor plant still flew through the boat several times when we were sharply tacking or beating into the wind. But it survived, it sailed with us back over the Atlantic and I brought it home.

Nevertheless, one plant is far from what I've been used to. So ever since we returned I'm slowly recreating the pretty and colourful surroundings we used to have. These are my new indoor additions - the Cattleya orchid...

... Paphiopedilum  orchid...

... and Masdevallia orchid.

The tree are not exactly the beginners plants, but I hope they'll like it here and maybe bloom again.

In March Tomaz sailed Heron to Croatia, we found her new temporary home in Klimno on island Krk. It is only two hours drive from our home, surrounded by many islands and bays and we hope to sail more often than we did in second half of last year. Last weekend we drove there to do some boat projects. We changed the oil and the oil filter, impeller, which was stubbornly stuck in place refusing to be changed, we fixed the plug on electrical cable for shore power and we pressure-washed the exterior of the boat. Busy weekend! We never got the chance to sail, all we did was bring Heron to the pier on Saturday and on Sunday moved it back to the buoy. And it was really really cold in the night,  on Sunday morning there were only 10 deg C inside the boat! Thanks God for my polar sleeping bag!

I managed to find a few minutes on my way from the boat to the car and back to take a look into the water and since being in the harbour I didn't expect much, but here's what I found - the Tunicates!  They are not as colourful as those in Caribbean but this is definitely worth a snorkelling expedition when the water gets warmer.

I also discovered some Tubeworms...

... and some translucent shrimps.

There were also some rug-like plants on the pier, that had pretty but very small flowers.

And here is Heron back on her buoy. Until the next weekend...


  1. Lovely pictures! So good to see you blogging.

    We miss you,

  2. Thank you, promise to post more, now that the weather is improving and more interesting things are happening.
    We miss you too!