Sunday, May 12, 2013

The last week in Le Saintes

 This post contains even more underwater photos as the recent ones, although there are some "above water" ones also included. It is probably the last post with photos for some time, from Atlantic passage I will post only occasional comment or our GPS position.

The days of last week  flew by in finishing boat projects and snorkeling. I was very determined to make a photo of everything pretty or interesting.

Here is a Spotted Moray in company of Mysid Shrimps.

A Brown Chromis.

The trio of Blue Tangs feeding on algae. Their blue color is almost fluorescent, when they swim by in larger groups it is really some sight.

This is a Fragile Saucer Coral, it looks like it has millions of golden eyes.

This Grooved Brain Coral has some interesting pattern, like it was made of two halves put together.

And on the joining of two halves some flowers are growing.

The Rough Fileclam surrounded by Warty Corallimorphs.

We spent Saturday evening in company of our nice neighbors Dorota and Julian, who are also sailing across the Atlantic to England in their boat Bluefin. It was a great evening, we had so much to talk about.

A young cat Cielo is sailing with them.

This is Dorota ...

... this is Bluefin ...

... and this Julian. They came over for a drink again on Monday and they brought Cielo with them. On Tuesday they sailed to Antigua and then further to Bermuda. Good sailing guys!

I took some photos of Paine de Sucre anchorage, I realized I was only using my camera under water. This is hotel Bois Joli in the south of the bay.

The beach on the west near the ...

... Paine de Sucre. It all looks so pretty at this time of the year, everything green and alive.

This little fish was living underneath our boat. As I went snorkeling in the afternoon, she came with me. She was swimming somewhere near my right arm most of the time.

We saw this pretty baby Rock Beauty.

And I again discovered something new - a couple of Lettuce Sea Slugs. They look so delicate.

I saw many Hydroids before, but none so gorgeous blue as these.

These are Social Featherdusters.

This poor guy is missing two legs, but he's still looking pretty. I think it is a Red-Ridged Clinging Crab.

We met some Queen Angelfish. They are usually shy, but not today.

On our way back to boat the fishy was sometimes right in front of my mask.

She was always so close it was almost impossible to take a good photo of it.

But as soon as we approached Heron, she was off to hide around propeller.

On Wednesday it was a laundry day.

And in the afternoon I went snorkeling again. This is a Baloonfish, I still find its eyes amazing.

This is a French Grunt with a Cymothoid Isopod - a shrimp-like animal, that attaches itself to different fish. It is not a parasite, it just rides along, but I'm not sure fish really like them.

This is a Sun Anemone ...

... with a Clinging Crab trying to hide underneath it and a Sun Anemone Shrimp above in the tentacles.

On Thursday captain and me both went snorkeling, so he shot a few photos of me ...

... and I of him.

The star of this pretty picture is Red Boring Sponge, that encrusts one of the two Brain corals, but obviously Bluehead also wanted to be in the picture.

This is a Redlip Blenny, with great eyelashes.

And this is a Saddled Blenny.

This is a small Smooth Trunkfish with most kissable mouth of all the fish.

The Trumpetfish often try to hide in Sponges or Gorgonians.

This is a shy Web Burrfish.

She also has spines under her mouth, like a beard.

This Spotted Scorpionfish just moved and is still showing her colorful finns.

And this is one of the weirdest things I ever saw - it was more then half a meter long and looked like a translucent blanket. At first moment I even thought it was a piece of plastic. Until it started to move and change the shape.

It started to fold itself together...

... and then it stretched out again. From up close it seemed to be made of small pearls or bubbles. Might be eggs or something. Later it slowly started to divide into several smaller pieces.

On Friday morning we sailed to Pointe a Pitre where Tadej came aboard, he will be our crew and companion on our way across the Atlantic. We did some serious provisioning already on Friday evening. Then we did another couple of boat projects on Saturday morning, like installing a shortwave radio and antenna for weather forecasts and position reporting, and in the afternoon we sailed to Le Saintes again. We are off to Deshaies later today and then tomorrow we're sailing to Antigua. We want to buy some fuel there and some additional food (including rum - after all we ARE sailors :-), and then we're off in direction Azores.

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