Friday, May 31, 2013

Message from the captain

Hi. This is the captain speaking.
It is now 8:00 UTC and we are about 170 NM from our destination. With current speed and wind forecast this means we are entering the last 24 hours of our crossing from Lesser Antilles to Azores. We expect to make landfall in early morning hours.
The crew behaved great so far. No-one needed to be beaten or dragged below the boat.
Lili provided us with great food. We had at least one cooked meal every day plus snacks and goodies for the night. All that on top of keeping her regular watches of course. I can cross any ocean with her.
Tadej is a perfect crew: Does not need much sleep of food, keeps good spirit and can fix what is broken. It shows he is experienced in single handling the boat and does not hesitate to climb the mast in the middle of the ocean. Above all he is really great on the radio. We got fresh weather twice a day during entire trip.
I will not talk about myself (we all know I am the best) but will say few words about our yacht Heron. She is a good boat. She kept us safe making comfortably 7 to 8 knots in any decent wind and would do faster if we would let her (comfort decreases with speed above 8 knots). This crossing was an upwind sail all the way. She performed good. Clean bottom does make a big difference.
Minor problems, which we had were fixed - more about it later.

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