Monday, May 27, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 11

It was wild evening yesterday, on top of everything our main sail fell down - the knot on the halyard (dviznica) untied itself. Luckily we could pull it back up again with spare halyard, but only to 2nd reef (druga krajsava), halyard is not as strong as original one was. Yesterday was probably our fastest day with 172 miles sailed. In the night wind got a bit weaker and we slept well. Today was a gorgeous day, sunny with puffy white clouds, just the temperatures are not even nearly summery - air has 22°C and water 20°C. We had a good and fast sailing today, and we treated ourselves to BBQ - steaks, potatoes, corn and celery with salsa and aioli. And a glass of wine of course. Dolphins came to visit us three times. We are riding on a lower side of a Anticyclone (high pressure area) and hope to have this favorable wind for next couple of days, it is just enough strong (12 - 14 knots true) and good direction to bring us close to Azores fast (7 to 8 knots of speed).
In 264 hour we made 1616 miles and have 842 miles to Azores. Our position is 35° 28' and 45° 46'.

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