Friday, May 31, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 15

Yesterday evening we saw whales again in the distance - well, not actuall whales themselves but their spray, that was very strong and hi, so I guess they were Fin Whales.
In the evening there was plenty of wind (as always in my shift), so sailing was fast again and also through the night. During the day wind was changing, from 7 to 23 knots in speed, so we had plenty to do with sails.
Today dolphins came to play around our boat twice, they were jumping, but only so long until we got our cameras out. We also saw a turtle, couple of Portogese Man-of-War jelly fish and some Shearwaters.
We expect to arrive in Lajes on island Flores tomorrow in the morning. We don't know yet how long we'll stay, it depends on the anchorage and on weather. We might sail on towards Horta on island Faial already tomorrow evening.
In 360 hours we made 2269 miles and there are 92 to go to Flores. Our position is 38° 44' N and 32° 53' W.

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