Monday, May 27, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 8

This one was due on Friday, but mistakenly sent to wrong address.

Yesterday evening wind picked up and we stoped motoring and set sail in direction ESE. Night was calm and we had a good sleep. In the morning we almost caught a big tuna, that got away from only 1m from the boat, but managed to damage our fishing rod. A bit later an unfortunate bird, a Greater Shearwater, also got hooked, and we quickly released it, hopefully without any serious harm. During the day wind got a bit stronger and we are able to sail almost towards E. In the afternoon we saw whales jumping in the air in the distance, too far to go chasing after them. We are still seeing a lot of Portugese Man-of-war jelly fish, but not as much as yesterday.
In 192 hours we made 1117 miles, there are still 1277 miles to Azores. Our position is 30° 22' N and 52° 32' W.

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