Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Start of North Atlantic passage

 We sailed to Jolly Harbour on Sunday, after doing the clearance and boat hull cleaning in the morning in Deshaies. It was a fast and nice ride, we also hooked two big Barracudas and released them and a big Mahi Mahi, that jumped into the air to show off and then managed to unhook itself.

Yesterday we top up the fuel and did some shopping for food. One of our fuel tank was leaking at the hatch and it kept us busy whole afternoon and evening yesterday. But it looks good today and in a little while we are ready to leave for Barbuda, and tomorrow we'll sail off towards Azores.

We'll be posting some comments and positions on the blog, so you can see where we are and how we are doing.

Here are two additional links where you can follow our voyage:

Our last radioed position:
Here you can see our daly route:

P.S. Here are some farewell photos.

Sunset in Le Saintes.

A pretty Chain Moray.

A pair of Flying Gurnards - don't know why they are so differently colored, maybe they're mating.

Even on my last snorkeling in Le Saintes on Sunday morning I discovered some new animals - this is a Club Hydromedusa, 2,5 cm big slightly toxic jellyfish ...

... and a Paired-bell Siphonophore, a toxic jellyfish of a 2 to 7 cm size (without tentacles).

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