Friday, May 24, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 7

We had a nice sail yesterday evening and during the night towards N, wind was light and waves small. In the late morning wind died and we started motoring and were motoring all day. So now we have cold beer and lots of water again, and we motored directly towards Azores. Most of the day was sunny , with bigger patches of clouds. We saw many Man of wars or Spanish Galleon (Spanske ladjice), quite toxic jellyfish. They look very pretty, but they scare me more than sharks. So obviously we weren't swimming in the ocean today. We also saw some birds, and in the afternoon we "met" a French sailboat Ruby, that sailed close to us and we had a nice chat over the VHF radio.
In 168 hours we made 9950 miles, we still have 1378 miles to Azores. Our position is 30° 20' N and 54°50' W.

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