Thursday, May 2, 2013

Petit Terre

 On Monday after buying fresh baguettes we sailed to Marie Galante, and on Wednesday to Petit Terre. Petit Terre are two small uninhabited islands east of Guadeloupe near Desirade. On the way we caught this beautiful Bar Jack, it was delicious later in the evening with butter, garlic and lime.

The entrance to Petit Terre anchorage is pretty tricky, there is a patch of coral rubble no deeper than 2,5 to 3m and the waves are rolling over it. We were a bit nervous, but got in between the two islands well and picked a mooring buoy. It looked very pretty, but there were too many tourists for my taste. Luckily they all departed at around 4 in the afternoon on big catamarans and motorboats, so in the evening it was just us and one other boat.

Next morning we went snorkeling. It was nice, we saw this Permit ...

... and Sand Tilefish ...

... many big Conchs - alive ...

... Bar Jacks ...

... some Red Snappers ...

... some Mutton Snappers ...

... and a Green Turtle.

We saw a big Barracuda swimming around our boat already the previous evening, still she managed to give me a fright when I was swimming back to the boat. She came really close and I only noticed her when she was 2m away. And she was much more than 1m long and had a mean look on her face. Still I believe she was just curious, probably came to see if there's any food to be shared.

There were a lot of Royal Terns on the islands and when tourist boats left, they took over the buoys.

In the evening we visited the bigger of the two islands, the smaller is closed for tourists and left to plants and animals. There is a lighthouse on the bigger island. The pretty beach, where all the tourists were during the day, was all ours.

Well, not only ours ... there are hundreds of iguanas there. Two were fighting in the middle of the path we walked along ...

... and were very annoyed to be interrupted. This one didn't want to move to let us pass, gave us a dirty look and I even thought he was going to go for my ankle. Luckily, it was all just a show.

Iguanas were everywhere, even sitting on top of the bushes.

There are some impressive cliffs on the eastern side. This is Tomaz looking out at the Atlantic ocean.

The view back to the anchorage in the channel between the islands. In the background you can see the Pointe de Chateaux, the most south-eastern point of Guadeloupe.

Heron on her buoy.

This was the closest we got to the sunset - while we had pretty good weather, there were always clouds in the West, obviously the mountains of Guadeloupe really attract clouds and rain.

Next day it was time to leave.

The barracuda came to say goodbye.

Way out was more tricky then way in, the waves were breaking over the shallow area.

But it all went well and we got out unharmed. One more look back at the anchorage ...

... and we were on our way to Marie Galante.

P.S. I added the photo of this angry dragon at special request from captain.

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