Monday, May 27, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 10

Last evening, the night and today have been the wildest until now. Yesterday evening was very cloudy, some clouds carried rain, some more wind and some both. We had a lot to do with the sails - at one moment we reefed them, at the other let them out. It has been hard work, especially today from the morning till early afternoon. But we've been very fast, night was the fastest ever with 7.3 knots average speed. With the wind the waves got bigger also, so neither the night nor the day were very comfortable. A bit of relief came in the early afternoon, sun got out and the skies cleared, and the wind got steadied, but still strong. We're doing good speed in good direction, but hope for couple of knots less wind for the night Today we saw a cargo ship, a few birds and for the first time since Caribbean a couple of Atlantic dolphins.
In 240 hours we made 1428 miles, there are 997 miles to Azores. Our position is 33°46' N and 48°22' W.

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