Wednesday, June 5, 2013

North Atlantic passage days 19 and 20

The night in the marina in Punta Delgada was calm, we slept well and long, as was expected. The day went as we planned. In the morning we went to chandlery and afterwards boys took care of boat projects - changing the main halyard (dviznico glavnega jadra), repairing the salt water pump in kitchen, that was leaking a bit, and some smaller stuff. I went to market to get fruits and vegetables and then to supermarket for bread and wine. We had a late lunch and we were ready to go at 17.00. The day was cold and cloudy with rain drizzling down, and rain got heavier in the afternoon. Because of the bad weather it was not hard to leave the Azores, I'm only sorry that I didn't have the time to go on one of whale-watching tours. We sailed off in good wind, that came from N, but after one hour wind died. When we sailed along the Sao Miguel, we almost did't see the island because of the rain and low clouds. Two groups of dolphins came to say bye, both Atlantic and Bottlenose dolphins. We motored along the island and as soon as we got pass the eastern end of it the wind was there, over 20 knots of it, blowing from N. So our sailing was wild and fast again.
During the night wind got weaker and moved to NNE, so the ride was more comfortable. We fell into the rhythm of night watches again.
The day started with dolphins, that came by three more times during the day. Wind is almost steady at 16 knots from NNE and we're sailing at good speed. Skies cleared up in the morning and weather is nice, but it's still very cold. We ate tuna (like yesterday), but today made by Tadej's recipe, and a glass of wine and ice-cream. In this cold weather it is very easy to keep the fridge cold.
We made 159 miles in 24 hours and we still have 825 miles to go to Gibraltar. Our position is 37° 46' N and 22° 23' W.

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