Friday, June 28, 2013

From Sardinia to Sicily

We left Sardinia early on Tuesday morning. This was our bay for the night.

Wind was "up" early too.

Guys started sailing while I was still in warm bed. It was warm because of three blankets, it was really a cold night.

The wind was almost from behind, it made quite big waves that were rolling Heron to the sides. The ride was not very pleasant. It was cold, and it even got colder in the evening. Wind got weaker in the night, but the waves were still there, and we even had to motor for 2 hours. Towards the morning wind came back and sailing was more pleasant again.

At around 9 in the morning we sailed to island of Lavanzo, one of the island in Egadi group on the W side of Sicily. We were greeted by nicest arrival committee of all - a group of Bottlenose Dolphins came to play around our boat for quite a while.

Levanzo looks very much like Eolean islands, lots of rocks and little of everything else. With a nice small village here and there. Why can't Spanish learn from Italians when it comes to architecture...

We anchored in a nice bay next to the town. This is how it looked before hordes of tourists came in on boats in the afternoon.

The rest of the day we lazied around, read books, swam, and guys slept in the afternoon to make up for the night shifts.

Next day we sailed towards Trapani on Sicily after breakfast. It was a nice and short trip with enough wind from behind to fly only the genoa. We passed a small island of Formica.

We anchored behind a wave breaker with a fortress on it ...

... and with a marina behind us.

We took a stroll through the town. It was nice to see and meet many nice people - they are feeding the cats, putting out the water for stray dogs on the streets, oh, and they are nice to tourists too, almost everybody tried to speak English with us and be helpful. I really liked Sicily two years ago when we were here for the first time, and I'm still liking it very much. We have to come back some day and spend more time here.

The town of Trapani is also full of beautiful historical buildings, palaces and churches.

We even walked to the town beach.

We managed to sort out everything we wanted to,  from Internet to bus ticket to the airport, and we bought some provisions for next days. It will be just captain and myself from here on, but we'll try to sail home as fast as we could and who knows when we'll stop again.

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