Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From Gibraltar to Alicante

We left Gibraltar on Saturday at noon. It was getting too expensive there, we were in chandlery every day. Before leaving we ate English breakfast for lunch, the way I like it.

We had a plan to sail for a day and a night and go to Almerimar marina the next day, on Sunday. We were motoring the whole day, there was no wind, but it was great to watch dolphins, fish, etc.

The view towards Africa

The Rock from the East

Dolphins waiting for Heron

At the sunset it was still calm, during the night wind came up so we were able to sail. There was a great play of bioluminescence in the night after the moon set. I even saw a couple of dolphins, or rather the water glowing around them, as they swam to our boat and played and jumped around, at 3.00 in the morning. It was unbelieveble.

Next day we passed Almerimar and sailed further, and before anchoring in the east corner of bay of Almeria, some Bottlenose Dolphins swam to our boat and delivered a great show.

We had a great luck with the weather, we swam in the late afternoon and had a peaceful night. Next day we sailed the most of the day and stopped in a bay next to Aguilas for the night. It wasn't pretty, therefor no photos, but the night was quiet. Next day we sailed on, we planned to stop in Mar Minor, but after motoring in the morning, the wind picked up and sailing was quick and good, so we sailed on to Torrevieja. We anchored behind a wave breaker, got free internet for 10 minutes and had a good and peaceful night. Not bad!

Today we started early, motored most of the way, but managed to do a lot of things like cleaning, washing, etc. The highlight was a whale we saw shortly after leaving the harbor. Don't know what kind it was, but I'm always so happy to see one, especially in water 40m deep.

We tied Heron in Club Real de Regatas Alicante at 13.00. We did some shopping in the afternoon, and in late afternoon Mare, Tomaz's brother, came. We plan to leave tomorrow for Balearic islands, probably to Mallorca. Hope we have some luck with the weather, not like it was these first days in Mediterranean sea.

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