Thursday, June 6, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 21

Yesterday evening dolphins came by once again. And afterwards a big front of gray clouds came, with some rain and a lot of wind. We reefed and reefed the sails and after some time decided to roll the genoa in and pull out the storm jib. It proved to be a wise decision, around 22.00 we had between 25 and 27 knots sustained wind for over an hour. Around midnight wind slowed down and down went the storm jib and genoa was rolled out again. Because of all the wind there are quite big waves, that rock and roll Heron all the time. Still our speed is good, just the ride bumpy.
It is still very cold, the temperature inside the boat just reaches a bit over 20°C in the early afternoon. I'm wearing long underware and a fleece cap even during the day.
Nothing major happened during the day, just a few clouds with a bit of rain and couple of knots more wind passed by. There were no dolphins, no whales, just couple of birds. We ate steaks with potato and cabbage salad. And ice cream.
In 48 hours we made 330 miles and still have 657 miles to go to Gibraltar. Our position is 37° 31' N and 18° 52' W.

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