Monday, June 10, 2013

Land ho - again!

We're in Spain!
Yesterday evening was calm, with gentle wind and small waves. We've been seeing more and more ships already during the day, and in the evening ship traffic became really heavy. Due to light wind our speed was not very high, still it was a very nice sailing, also through the night.
We woke to a sunny morning, with even less wind. We pulled up the genacker and had a nice sail all the way to Barbate.
At 17.25 local time, after 5 days and 22,5 hours, Heron was tied to the dock in the marina. We had a great average speed on the passage, 6,9 knots, despite slower last two days. In this time we sailed 970 miles. This shorter passage was good, as was the first one, but I wouldn't mind a bit less cold and a few more whales. But I'm not complaining, the most important thing - the weather - was very good to us.
We're leaving for Gibraltar tomorrow, it is only 30 miles, so we expect to be there early afternoon. Hopefully marina there has Internet (this one doesn't :-(, so I'll be able to write all the mails I wanted and post some photos on the blog.

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  1. Congratulations!

    I am so glad that you had a good Atlantic crossing this time. I was worried that at your accelerated pace that something bad would happen to slow you down.

    Are you going to continue on? Or leave the boat there for awhile?