Friday, June 7, 2013

North Atlantic passage day 22

Yesterday evening was nice, good weather and lots of wind, we had good speed again. Every now and then big pointy steep waves come from N, and the life on board is not very comfortable and our sleep disturbed. Obviously the Low, that we're riding it's lower edge, is creating some seriously bad weather up N.
Morning was sunny, but very cold, there were only 17°C in the boat. Today sea has only 16°C. I thought it would be warmer when we leave Azpres, but I underestimated Atlantic in this regard.
The dolphins must have read my blog yesterday and heard the complaint, because they sent one dolphin to perform couple of jumps around our boat this morning. We saw couple more in the afternoon, but there was no show.
Day was sunny, so we spent more time out in the cockpit than yesterday. We ate original Hungarian Atlantic-tuna-paprikas with pasta today, with a glass of very good white Azorean wine afterwards. We drank it also in celebration that we sailed over one half on the distance to Gibraltar this afternoon.
In 72 hours we made 503 miles, and we still have 490 miles to Gibraltar. Our position is 37° 04' N and 15° 22' W.

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