Monday, March 26, 2012

Les Saintes underwater photo gallery

These photos have been taken snorkeling around the Ilet a cabrit and Paine de sucre anchorages.

This is a Smooth trunkfish

 And this is an octopus trying to blend in with the rock

 This is a Spotted scorpionfish #1

 ... and #2

This is a Scrawled filefish
 .... and #3
 The trio of Caribbean spiny lobsters
This is a Trumpetfish
 And this is an Orangespotted filefish
 Peacock flounder #1

Coral garden
 Scorpionfish #4
 These are Flying gurnards

... and another one
 This is a juvenile French angelfish - if you want to see the adult, take a look at our January post "Holiday with Jozi - part 1"
 A yellow sponge with a small Bandtailed puffer
Another coral garden
 And Peacock flounder #2
 ... and #3
A Brain coral
 An octopus trying to disappear in the hole too small for her

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