Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Last Monday we sailed along west coast of Guadeloupe from Deshaies towards south. I was "driving", and the captain did the laundry. Yes, sometimes roles get switched....

 We had very little wind, sometimes even from the west! I don't mind less wind than before, but there are always gray clouds covering the sky, humidity is high and it's not very pleasant.

We slept in Anse la barque, next day we sailed to Iles de Saintes. We had a couple of nice days swimming and snorkeling.

On Friday we sailed to Pointe a Pitre - in hope of getting the replacement for the broken radar cable. We anchored between the marina entrance and old town. On opposite side of lagoon is a commercial harbor. These big giraffes are watching over it and in the night, with their glowing red "eyes" on top of their head, they look like some monsters from Pink Floyd movie the Wall.

 Waterfront in old harbor of Pointe a Pitre.

 We didn't get the cable we were looking for, so there was really no reason for staying. So yesterday we set sailes again and sailed towards east to little town of St. Francois. Wind was very weak, we tried tacking against the wind, but it was too slow. A dolphin came to check out if he can ride our bow wave, but he decided we are too slow. So we motored most of the way.

The town of St. Francois is nice, the fishing harbor and the streets around it are colorful.

 French connection
We are still without the phone, Smobil doesn't have roaming contract with any providers here in Guadeloupe nor in Martinique. Our phone will work again on Dominica. Write an e-mail instead of a phone call. We try to get our hardware on land and find an internet place at least once a week - it is not so easy as in Antigua though.

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