Sunday, March 25, 2012


 So, today I'm one year older than yesterday. Can't say I feel in any way differently than yesterday, it sure doesn't hurt :-)

 We celebrated by going out to Burgh de Saintes for dinner yesterday, my favourite restaurant Triangle is closed today.

This is Heron in anchorage behind Paine de sucre....

... and here it is - Paine de sucre itself.

I managed to take the wrong camera with us, so the photos are purely of documentary value :-)

 Triangle was nice as ever and food delicious.

 I had conch stew (conch is a big local shell), bananas, yam potatoes and cristophines - mmmm .... and some punch for aperitif and a bottle of good french wine.
 We both had a really good time.

And today i got to do whatever i wanted - this meant snorkeling and more snorkeling :-) No scraping of the bottom of the boat, polishing the stainless steel or anything similar!

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