Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to Saintes

On Tuesday morning, after dinghying back to St Francois to finish e-mails (we were not aware that Internet cafe we were working from on Monday evening, closes at 7pm, so we were kind of a middle of things when they shut up), we set sail towards Marie Galante.

While i was "driving", captain threw the fishing hook in the water and in less than 15 minutes there was this beauty. It is called Spanish mackeral (at least the book says so).

It has delicious white flesh and in the evening i "invented" this recipe - it is so good and simple, i think it is worth posting here.

So here it goes (this is for two persons):
Put a tablespoon of oil in the pan and heat. Brown the fish fillets from both sides, about 1 minute each side, then put the heath on low and cover and simmer for another 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Then add at least 2 tablespoons of butter (can be more, but should not be less - life's too short anyway :-). Add 4 cloves of chopped or sliced garlic (it is not too much - the taste of garlic is mellowed by butter), one teaspoon of grated lime zest and one tablespoon of lime juice, best with the pulp. Heath through and there you have it - Spanish mackeral creole :-) We ate freshly baked bread with it, you can serve it with boiled potatoes or rice - with something gentle. Once again - don't be skimpish with butter, it makes the sauce. The recipe was such a success, we ate the fish prepared the same way again the next evening.

We reached Marie Galante in three hours and anchored  in the low bay in front of Saint Louis.

It was pretty and peaceful, so we stayed for two nights. Snorkeling was not particularly good, so we were cleaning the bottom of the boat instead - scraping away the sea weed and barnacles. It's a hard work, believe me!

 Yesterday we sailed back to Saintes. We thought it would be an easy ride with the wind from behind, but there was very little of wind and the direction was changing by the minute. We prepared all possible sails we own including the gennacker, but after two frustrating hours of hoisting different sails to different sides of the boat, we gave up and motored to the destination.

We anchored in anchorage on south side of Ilet a cabrit.

 Today we "switched sides" - we moved across the bay to the anchorage at Paine de sucre. Snorkeling is great on both sides, I'm just waiting for some sunny weather to make good underwater photos.


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