Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Iles des Saintes

If you ever wondered what happened with the rest of the Spanish mackerel (from three posts ago) - i made it to a very delicious curry and we ate it while already on Saines.


 We stayed in Saintes for another 10 days, it was warm, almost no rain, wind was rarely over 15 knots, and we had great snorkeling right from the boat. A true heaven to me ....

Here are some more of my underwater "trophies".

I was really lucky to "catch" this flying gurnard in shallow water - that's why the colors are so bright. He obviously felt threatened when i dove down to get closer and spread his wings to appear bigger.  With wings closed he looks rather dull ....


I found this anemone pretty - like she had a lipstick on - on the tips of her tentacles :-)

 This is a puffer fish - i like how his eyes look like mirror.
 And puffer fish #2
 And this is squid.
 Don't know exactly who these two are - but they're pretty

We met couple of new friends, all from Texas and we had some great evenings together. Then yesterday we sailed back to Pointe a Pitre, we had a great sail, 10 to 15 knots of wind, waves less than 1m, speed about 6 knots. And Tomaz caught a big tuna, i guess it's a Skipjack. He cleaned it and filleted it already while we were sailing.

Yesterday we ate it barely browned from all sides and raw in the inside, with sauce made of soy sauce, ginger and chillies, and with potato and spinach on the side.  Not to mention the French wine :-) Mmmmmm.....

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