Sunday, March 11, 2012

Passage to Guadeloupe

We left Montserrat on Wednesday morning. It was windy and rainy, i had the feeling as being on Atlantic again. We sailed around the north part of the island to have the wind at better angle, but it was still close reach (orca po slovensko). We were lucky to see the peak of the volcano for a couple of moments when the clouds weren't sitting on top of it.

With 25 knots of wind on average, gusting to 35, we reached Deshaies on Guadeloupe already on early afternoon. Weather remained the same, we saw again couple of boats dragging through the Deshaies anchorage because of the strong wind.

And now here we are in France,  with all good food and drinks and pretty shops where you can spend a lot of money... But the biggest disappointment is the fact, that our phone is not working here. I sent mail to Simobil,  but am not expecting the answer before Monday. So, if you wanted to call us, you can't at the moment. But we will try to get to internet as often as we can.

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