Thursday, May 3, 2012

Antigua - Classic regatta

 On Saturday we sailed with Heron to one of the buoys on the regatta course and watched the boats from up close. What a treat! So many beautiful boats, it was really difficult to select the photos for this post.

There were boats of different sizes, differently old, and the amounts of money put into them was also different from boat to boat. They were racing in several categories, but i guess the results were not the main thing for the spectators, and maybe not even for some crews.


 Some big boats had large crew, even some pros. 

 Smaller boats were just as pretty.

 Even dogs from anchored boats were cheering up the regatta participants.
 We've been seeing the boat Kairos around Antigua a lot of times. Unfortunately they were quite slow.
 And there were really big ones, where you could see at the first glance that there were big amounts of money spent for the boat and the crew.

 This was one of the prettiest.

 Another beautiful big one.




 And the biggest ones - actually the modern ones built in old style.

After the race all gathered in Fallmouth in Yacht club.

 The views were just as beautiful as on water.

 They were not real ....





Big boats have big gear...

 This is Old Bob, part of regatta for almost 30 years. It is one of our favorite ones.
 There was also a boat called Heron. I don't know how they finished, but it was nice to see ....
 --- that the cat and the basil plants were real and alive :-)

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