Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well, yes .... plans are made to be changed.  We sailed from Les Saintes on Tuesday last week and were sailing by Prinz Rupret Bay at about 9am when we heard our friend Harald on VHF calling us. We were 3-4 miles from the coast so he couldn't have seen us. We answered of course and he convinced us to make a stop and sail on towards Martinique on Tursday. So an hour later we were anchored next to Rufus. We were all happy too see each other and captain was not very sorry to interrupt the sailing from one rain shower to the next.

 Next day we made a short hiking trip to the north of the island. We took a bus and then stroll around for a while. Dominica is really very beautiful. Wild orchids grow right by the road.


 It is very steep...

... and has lovely forests  of tree ferns.


On Thursday we sailed on to Rousseau, the capital of Dominica.  The weather was cloudy and with some rain all the time - that's why the island is so green.

 This is Rufus with Marion and Harald.

 On Friday morning we sailed on towards Martinique - with lots of clouds and some rain again.

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