Monday, April 30, 2012

Guadaloupe - action week

Back in Pointe a Pietre  we decided to explore the island, not just the sea around it. We rented a car with our friends Marion and Harald and drove around Basse terre, the geologically newer part of the island. There are some steep mountains with the real rain forest and a lot of rivers and waterfalls.


From the mountains we could see the bay of Pointe a Pietre.





 Although we planned to sail to Antigua, we couldn't sail through Riviere salee, since our friends' catamaran is to wide for the bridges. So we decided to do a dinghy ride through the river. Unfortunately the weather was not the best, but we had good fun anyway.

 We drove through the passages and channels in mangroves, where we couldn't sail through with the sailboat.

 Tha airport is right next to the river, we stayed and watched the planes land and take off for a while. It may not be as spectacular as in Sint Maarten, but the take off of this one created a lot of wind and waves on the river. Luckily we were not right behind him, otherwise we would be blown into the mangroves.
 These are the first two bridges on the south side.
 This is Heron in anchorage in Pointe a Pietre - aja, we are the small boat on the left. In the back is Costa Iluminosa - yes THE Costa ....

 Our friend took this photo from the terrace of the restaurant, where we had great lunch.
 After a couple of days we sailed off along west sind of the island towards Deshaies. There was a lot of wind and along the way we caught a tune (sorry no photo), that we ate with our friends.

Once in Deshaies, we made a hike up the river. The book says a five year old could do it so we thought that we could easily make it. Boy were we wrong. Ok, the weather was not on our side, rain made the rocks really slippery. And it took more than two hours to get to the road. Tomaz, Marion and Harald hiked another half of hour to the sring. And don't be fooled by smiles on our faces - it is just posing ....







Next day we recovered and on Friday, 20th of April, we sailed to Carlisle bay to Antigua. The passage was nice, not to much wind or waves. And Carlisle bay was pretty as ever. Next day we moved to Fallmouth harbor to be close to action - to Classic regatta week.

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