Monday, May 14, 2012

Nonsuch bay and leaving Antigua

 On the way to Nonsuch bay we caught a beautiful Spanish mackerel again. Looks like this side of Antigua is full of them. It was perfect with butter, garlic and lime.

 First three days in Nonsuch bay were not nice - it was raining almost all the time and humidity was making our life hard. But there was one thing happy about the weather - the mold. It started creeping from all corners of the boat. Firs I nearly got nervous breakdown, then we started to fight. First with vinegar, after a while luckily sun and wind came to help. But it is the beginning of Caribbean summer and weather-wise we might even expect worse. So the war is not over yet, maybe just the first battle.

 Another thing we need to decide upon is where to stay and leave the boat during hurricane season. Many sailors travel south, as far as Trinidad, where there's supposed to be no hurricanes, but we decided to stay in Leewards (upper part of Carribbeans). We are considering to make lagoon in Pointe a Pitre on Guadeloupe or English Harbor on Antigua our "home". In the middle of the week we sailed to English Harbor to check the possibility of leaving our boat there. Marion and Harald came with us and we had a very nice day and got some really useful information also.

 Despite the warm weather it was nice and breezy in English Harbor.

 After sleeping over on what we learned about English Harbor in the hurricane season, we decided to sail to Pointe a Pitre again to check the situation there, before making a final decision. The weather was improving, but the wind stayed weak and from south-east, so we decided to stay another few days in Nonsuch bay. After all, it is so nice here and we had good company - Marion and Harald and plenty of animals.

I'm not sure who these were, they look like some small terns. They've been making a lot of noise while they were feeding and sitting on buoys. They didn't even mind if a boat was attached to the buoy.

 Today there was a giant turtle swimming near our boat. And it was not camera-shy! Didn't figure out yet to which of three kinds of turtles that live here it belongs.

Last three weeks there are many small seagulls around - they come quite close to see if there's anything to eat. They were often sitting on our dinghy and the captain was always worried they would make a mess. Luckily they didn't.

And tomorrow we are sailing to Guadeloupe. We are sailing down the Riviere salee to Pointe a Pitre, then after few days we might sail to Marie Galante. Afterwards we plan to sail to Dominica. And again - until Dominica my phone is not working :-(

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