Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To Barbuda and back

It's been busy two weeks! After picking Jana and Grega up in Jolly Harbour we did provisioning, then sailed to Deep Bay on Wednesday. Next day we sailed to Barbuda. 

We did some coconut "hunting" in Coco Bay.

From Low Bay we did a tour to Frigatebird sanctuary in mangroves in the lagoon and to the caves on the west side of the island. Our taxi driver Salomon took us to the birds.

There were Upside down jellyfish in the lagoon.

Although there were many chicks in the branches, some Frigate males still tried to attract females with their noises and big red pouches.

We visited both of the caves. It is entirely different world than at the south of the island.

There are some Indian paintings in the caves.

On Sunday we sailed back to Nonsuch Bay on Antigua. On the way we caught this Cero.

On Monday we sailed from Nonsuch to Falmouth Harbour. On Tuesday we snorkeled and visited Trappas in the evening for a nice dinner. We sailed of to Guadeloupe on Wednesday.

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  1. Oj,
    Pozdrav Jani in Gregu, pa seveda tudi Tomažu in Lili. Fuuul sem vam fouš ...