Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An uneventful week

Last Sunday we were watching Valentine's Regatta from our boat in Jolly Harbour, the boats were starting and finishing right to the west of the anchorage. It was a pretty sight, all the boats on a bright sunny afternoon.

On Monday we did some shopping, and on Tuesday we moved to Falmouth Harbour. After some snorkeling at Bishop's reef we sailed to Nonsuch bay on Wednesday. We did the laundry on Thursday, we htoroughly cleaned the boat on Friday, and did a few little boat projects every day.

There was still enough time for lazying, book reading and my favorite activity besides snorkeling - bird watching. I was happy to see that all three ospreys were still there, I even think to have seen the fourth one. They were flying over the Bird island, scanning the sea for fish (I actually didn't see any of them dive for the fish) and a female came hovering very low above our boat for couple of moments, so that I could see it was a female, since it wore a "neckless" - females have darker colored feathers around the neck. Now that I recognize their cry I rarely miss one, I even saw some in Jolly Harbour at the beginning of the week, and one had a fish in his claws.

But what I was looking at in the photo was a pair of American Oystercatchers ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Oystercatcher ), that landed on Bird island while making a lot of noise. I've been seeing Oystercatchers in Antigua and Guadeloupe before, but they are very shy and I was not able to take any photos. But they are still fun to watch.

 The biggest project we had was maintenance of two winches on Saturday. First was the Harken 53. We've done it before, so we were not overly nervous.

First the compete thing came apart, until only the base was left ...

... and several hundreds of parts.

The parts got a thorough wash in the oil ...

... and were then greased with special winch grease.

We did peeked into the manual occasionally to get the parts assembled in the  right way, and it all came together well.

And in the end there was a final test.

Then we did it all again on a smaller Harken 40.

We sailed back to Jolly Harbour on Sunday, after watching the RORC Caribbean 600 Regatta boats pass by to the east, we were very impressed with the Phaedo catamaran that sailed by with 21 knots of speed! 

We caught a Barracuda on the way. We were happy, since our new lure caught it and captain hates to invest in fishing gear that doesn't do it's job.

 We changed our plans and stopped in Fryers bay for the night, it is only two bays south from Jolly, but the water is nicer there for bathing. Today we moved to "our" marker at the entrance to Jolly Harbour and we are picking some of our friends later in the afternoon. And then the new adventure begins.


  1. Hello Heron! We're happy to see you're in Antigua.... we just arrived here and will keep an eye out for the lovely Heron. Maybe we'll see you again on the beaches of Barbuda?!

    Madeline & Skip
    s/v Saralane

  2. There is nothing peaceful and romantic than simply sailing with your partner on blue waters as crimsons sun just dips into deep blue sea. Thank you Heron for sharing your story.
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