Monday, March 11, 2013

Short trip to Guadeloupe

Sailing to Guadeloupe was nice and quick, with no big waves and average sailing speed of 7,8 knots. On Thursday Jana, Grega and captain went hiking up Deshaies river and I did some snorkeling. On Friday we rented a car and did a tour through Guadelope.

First we visited a Cacao museum. Cacao trees grow in beautiful garden.

We saw the whole process of making chocolate - from fermenting the cacao beans...

... to frying and grinding them, and were also given some recipes to make a chocolate. The best part of course was sampling the locally made sorts of chocolate.

After stopping at some smaller waterfalls and eating a conch stew in St.Francois, we drove to south east point of the island. It was much wilder than when we were there with Laura, Nejc and Mitja in December, the waves were big and loud.

Next day we sailed to Cousteau wildlife sanctiary, Pigeon Island, to snorkel. It was a perfect day for it, visibility was awesome, and turtles seemed to pose for the photos.

On Sunday we headed back to Antigua. But in the morning, while captain and Jana went on shore to do clearing out and bring some fresh baguettes, I went snorkeling once more. I discovered this pretty Yellow encrusting sponge.

Before we sailed away, we were boarded by French customs officers. It was routine thing, they were very nice and we were making jokes and laugh with them. So it was already 11.30 before we sailed off. Sailing back to Antigua was nice, we were afraid there would be too little wind, but forecast was fortunately a bit wrong this time. We reached Antigua before sunset.

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