Tuesday, June 12, 2012

St Lucia

We left Martinique on Friday morning, after getting fresh baguettes and some other things from the supermarket. It was quite windy, but sunny.

It took us about four hours to reach St Lucia. We anchored in Rodney bay, under the Pigeon island. The fortress on top of the hill was British, from here they could see as far as Martinique. They could prepare a perfect surprise for French ships that were sailing from Martinique, since the bay is well protected and the French couldn't see the ships that awaited them. Anyway, now it's a natural park and it is very pretty, with it's vegetation and blossoming trees.

Right next day we headed to the marina to see, if this place is going to be a home for Heron this summer. Lagoon is well protected, and even more protected is the inner lagoon, where the buoys are. So in short, it took us a couple of days and now everything is arranged - the buoy for Heron and plane tickets for us.

Right above the lagoon we found the perfect office.....

On Sunday we got a visit - friends that we met in Guadelupe came by and stopped for a chat. Moon and Ben built their boat from a hull of a HobbyCat, that has been thrown away. They started their journey in BVI's and are heading to Venezuela. They had a bad accident, when their boat was turned upside down near the coast of Basse Terre in Guadeloupe. They were unharmed, and managed to salvaged the boat - the most of it, but they lost almost everything - from computers to clothes etc... They are really nice people, and very brave too. I wasn't even that brave when I was their age! You can check their blog at  www.dickbrano.blogspot.com .

At the time we are relaxing in Rodney bay, thinking of sailing south in a couple of days to have a nice holiday before we have to come back and prepare the boat for the hurricane season. And we're looking forward to see the family and friends, and of course our cats soon.....

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