Saturday, June 23, 2012


On Saturday morning we could see what we were avoiding the night before - the largest ship was only good 200m away.

Port Elisabeth is a pretty little town and after clearing in, we did some exploring. Some houses look like ones from fairy tales.

 This is the view over Admirality bay from Papa's bar.....
 ..... that also became our temporary office.
 We saw trees with strange fruit growing on them.
 This is the "main street"

 And there is also....  at least in Caribbean colors.
 The booby on the lower mast is real and alive.
 In chandlery we discovered the replica of "our" fish.

 This is Tommy's cantina, nicely painted and decorated...
 ... with unique Christmas tree, made of fan corals, that reminded me of one that we saw on Anegada in BVI's
 More houses from fairy tales.... I wouldn't mind owning any of the two

 There was some good snorkeling right around our boat and on the south coast in Lower bay.

 Looking at me? Looking at me?????

 This is the pretty promenade on the south side of the town
 This is Whaleboner bar and the white stuff are real wale bones - Bequians have a tradition as whale hunters or catchers and they still have the right to catch three or four whales every year, but they have to do it traditional way - in open boats with hand thrown harpoons. We heard that some years they catch some and some years they don't get any.....

On Monday evening we got together with our friends Heidi and Klaus for a beer and had a nice chat. Next morning we sailed off - direction Tobago Cays.

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