Friday, June 15, 2012

Leaving St Lucia

 Last couple of days we've been hanging around Rodney bay. After all arrangements for the summer made, we felt like a weight fell off our shoulders and were not energetic enough to do much else.

Every morning Gregory sails his boat through Rodney bay. You can't miss him, with the boat decorated with many flags, given to him by boats anchored here. He sells fruit and vegetables, local and fresh, and sometimes even bread. He is the nicest guy, willing to make an extra effort for his customers - I asked him about avocados one day, which are not yet in season, but he managed to get two for me and delivered them the next day. And on the roof of his boat there is a real garden with herbs growing in pots. So one can also get thyme, basil etc from him - as fresh as it gets. What a good idea to cater for boats like this! And I need to get a flag for him - I strongly feel that Slovenia has to be represented here (if you've noticed a flag on the left - it's Slovakian)!

Every day we still  do some work on the boat, some small projects like exchanging the breathing hose for our second fuel tank, and then there are choirs that feel similar as mowing the lawn around the house - you have to do it regularly if you want to or not. It's scraping the bottom of the boat. After a while it looks like a lawn :-) If we leave it for longer, it looks like a coral reef - with shells, algae, small crabs ...!

Captain does most of the work, especially on keel, although I help as much as i can. For this work our boat seems really big - like a car seems big only when you are washing it.

There is a big school of fish living under the boat and they eat frantically what we scrape off. Unfortunately they don't want to learn to eat the stuff straight off the boat - it would save us some very hard work ....

 And this is "before and after" picture - needless to say which half is which ....

Tomorrow we are leaving St Lucia and are sailing straight to Bequia. It is a long stretch, about 68 miles, so we need to start early to get there before dark. We heard Grenadines are very beautiful and we hope the weather will be nice to us. Toward end of the month we are coming back here to prepare the boat for the summer.

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