Friday, December 21, 2012

Miracle of Le Saintes

Our friends Laura, Mitja and Nejc, flew in from Slovenija on Saturday evening and joined us on Heron. On Sunday we all made a nice trip to the east of Guadeloupe. We drove around and ate a good meal in St Francois. But the best part was visiting the most south-eastern point of the island, Pointe de Chateaux.

Pointe de Chateaux with island of Desirade in the back.

We were staying in Bas du Fort marina in Pointe a Pitre for two days, we wanted to make it easy for our friends to board the boat with their luggage and we wanted to do some provisioning on Monday morning. Marina is full of Green Herons, they sit on the lines with which the boats are tied ....

... and they come to sit on the boats too. I got a good shot of this one sitting on our bow rail through front cabin hatch.

On Monday afternoon we sailed to Le Saintes and anchored behind Paine de Sucre already in the dark. And the next day the miracle happened. I was still in bed in the morning when I heard captain saying to Laura and Mitja, that were swimming, that there is a dolphin ten meters away from them. I rushed outside but was too late to see anything. I was sure this was a short visit and that dolphin is already far away. But then we saw two dolphins circling in the bay and a group of about ten snorkelers from other boats gathering around them. We watched for a while and we realized that dolphins were obviously happy with the attention they got and they were in no rush to leave. We put our masks on and joined the crowd. And it was unbelievable. Two dolphins, maybe a mom and her jung one, were swimming around the bay, curiously approaching the swimmers, almost posing for the photos. And it looked like they were smiling all the time.

 Nejc swimming with dolphins.

 You have to love these faces. And all the photos are taken without the zoom.

They stayed in the bay all the day. And entertained all the swimmers that happen to be there that day. What a beautiful experience! I was soooooo happy to be a part of it!

Next day we left for Deshaies and made a stop for a great snorkeling around the Pigeon Island, the Custeau natural reserve. And today we sailed from Deshaies to Jolly Harbour, Antigua. We plan to sail to Barbuda tomorrow and come back in good time to go to Christmas party in English Harbour on Tuesday. Can't wait to see Barbuda and all the turtles again.

Captain and myself wish you all Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best in New Year. And a miracle or two every now and then ....

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