Thursday, December 6, 2012

Falmouth Harbour

Last week we stayed in Falmouth Harbour. The marinas were getting fuller with motor yachts and big sailboats, since the Charter fair was getting closer.

The weather was very calm and hot and in the absence of wind and waves the water was getting clearer even in the bay. I did several nice snorkeling trips. 

This Cushion Star was laying under our boat.

Dana and Wayne left the anchorage to make the trip to the west side of the island, but were back in couple of days.

Captain drove me to the Bishops reef at the entrance of the bay one day and snorkeling there was really pretty.

Even without wind the visibility was very good, we were able to see Montserrat smoking in the distance all the time.

I went snorkeling to Bishops reef as often as I could.

The Elegant Anemones are quite rare here and I was happy to discover a rock where they were plenty.

On Sunday the Charter Fair started. It is for big and expensive boats. With big and expensive toys. The weirdest we saw was this James Bond style walking-on-the-water device. But it looked impressive.

So if you have couple of tens of thousands of dollars to spare - you can hire one of these. For a week.

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