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Atlantic passage summary: provisioning

We made our provisioning in Lanzarote and it was a great place to shop, the big supermarkets have everything one would want. It was hard work, but Mirjana nad myself were happy that we got everything we planned for and on top for a very good price.

We planned for food and drinks for five persons with healthy appetite for four weeks plus additional 3 weeks of dry/canned food to be on a safe side. 

This is how part of our food and drink stock looked like.

Here is the list of things we bought and how much of it we used:

Bread, flour, rice, pasta:
  • 5 kg of fresh bread – it lasted us for 9 days until we ate all
  • several packages of toast with prolonged lifetime, Crostinis, Wassa bread and German rye bread with prolonged lifetime – we used cca one third of if
  • 20 kg of white flour – we used 6 kg
  • dry yeast for 20 kg of flour – we used it for 6 kg
  • 15 kg of different pasta – we ate 3 kg
  • 7 kg of long grained rice – we ate 2 kg

  • 14 boxes of non- or little-sweetened cereals – we ate 13 of them; they were very popular, especially on the days with rough seas, which was often
  • 4 boxes of chocolate cereals (also for snacking at night) – we ate 2

Sugar and sweets:
  • 3 kg brown sugar – we used 1 kg
  • 15 x 10dkg chocolates – we ate 12
  • 22 boxes of cookies – we ate 18
  • 1 big jar of Nutella spread – we ate it all

Fruit and vegetables:
  • 6 pieces of cabbage – it lasted the longest (till the end of passage) even outside the fridge, we ate 5 of them
  • 4 kg of green pepper – we ate all of them, they lasted for 2 and a half weeks outside the fridge
  • 3 kg of red peppers - we ate all of them, they lasted for 2 and a half weeks outside the fridge
  • 2 kg of carrots - we ate all of them, we hoped they would last even outside the fridge, but we had to move them in the fridge after one week and ate them shortly after that
  • 3 kg of tomatoes – we ate all, we kept them in fridge
  • 4 kg of onions – we ate almost all of it, we kept it outside the fridge
  • 1,5 kg of garlic – we ate half of it, we kept it outside the fridge
  • 1 kg of eggplants – we ate half of it, we kept it outside the fridge
  • 3 kg of bananas – they were green, when we bought them. So we ate everything after they got ripe - during the first couple of days of second week; they were very popular
  • 5 kg of apples – we bought Granny Smith and they stayed outside the fridge for two weeks – until we ate them all; they were very popular, but even if we had more, they wouldn't keep much longer outside the fridge
  • 15 kg of potatoes – we ate 11kg, they were kept in old Samsonite suitcase under the bench in cockpit – so they got the nickname Samsonite brand potatoes; they kept well, even after the passage, outside the fridge
  • 1,5 kg of pears – we ate them all in first couple of days; could have more of them
  • 3 kg of dried fruit – figs, apples, dates, various nuts – we ate them all; figs were very popular, could have more of them

Canned food and marmalade:
  • corned beef – 14 cans of cca 20 dkg each – we ate none
  • hot dogs – 3 cans – we ate none
  • tuna – 45 packs of 3 cans a 80g – we used 3 packs - thanks to all fresh fish we caught
  • sardines – 10 cans – we used 2
  • red beans – 10 cans – we ate 2
  • green beans – 4 cans – we used 3
  • tomato 20 cans – we ate 4
  • sweet peas – 8 small cans – we ate 4
  • sweet corn – 15 cans – we ate 7
  • Italian pesto for pasta – 4 small jars – we ate none
  • 10 small jars of sprouts, red beet, red pepper etc in vinegar – we ate about half of it
  • 5 cans of canned fruit (pineapple, tangerines, peaches) – we ate only one
  • 7 small jars of marmalade – we ate them all
  • 2 small jars of honey – we ate one
  • 18 small jars of different sorts of pate – we ate 15 of them
  • cca 3 kg of olives of different sorts – we ate 1,5 kg
Milk and co:
  • 40 x 1,5l milk (UHT)– we drank 30 of them
  • 3 packs of butter – we ate 2
  • 24 pcs of yoghurt – we ate them all
  • several pcs of cream and sour cream – we ate them all

Meat and co:
We planned to have meat for 15 meals. We froze it when still in Lanzarote. It kept frozen and well in our fridge.
  • 2,5 kg of chicken breasts
  • 2 kg of beef burgers
  • 7 kg of beef steaks
  • 3 kg of T-bone steaks
  • 2 kg of different types of grill sausages (not frozen)
We ate it all.

Things we thought would come handy – and they did:
  • 3 pcs of grilled chicken (vacuum sealed - they kept in fridge for 3 weeks) – we ate them all, they were delicious
  • 11 pcs of potato tortilla ( they kept in fridge for 3 weeks) – we ate them all, they were great just warmed up on a grill

Cheese and dried meats:
  • 5 kg of different types of cheese (all vacuum sealed) – we ate half, we kept it in a fridge after opened
  • 2 pieces of 2,5 kg of prosciutto vacuum sealed – we ate one piece, we kept it outside the fridge until we opened it, then we moved it to the fridge
  • 3 kg of different types of salami – we ate half, it kept well outside the fridge until we opened it, then we moved it to the fridge

 Grega was the "virtuoso on a mandolin" - he managed to cut prosciutto in perfect thin slices even in heavy seas - photo is of one of the "calmer" days

  • 15 bottles of wine (red and white) – we drank 12
  • 3 x 24 cans of beer – we drank 24 cans (the rest we drank in Antigua, and some more)
  • 4 bottles of champagne – we drank one at half of our way and one at arrival, the other two for Christmas and New Year already in Antigua

  • 3l of olive oil – we used one
  • 2 l of sunflower oil – we used one
  • 3 bottles of aioli mayonnaise – we ate one and a half
  • 2 bottles of ketchup – we ate one and a half
  • 2 bottles and one jar of mustard – we ate almost all
  • 3 bottles of balsamico vinegar – we used one
  • 4 jars of instant coffee – we used two and a half
  • 4 packs of toilet paper – we used 3
  • several rolls of paper towels – we used almost all
  • some dishwasher, sponges, washing detergent, toothpicks, freezing bags ....

I guess, that's more or less it – even if not, nothing big or essential is missing.

We planned well and we had everything we needed. None of the food was thrown away and nothing essential ran out. Food was good (at least to me - i was cooking mostly :-), there was a god variety and no one was hungry. We managed to cook lunch/dinner every day except once in a bad storm, although even on many other days many strong words were said when food and pots were flying around the kitchen and cooks were bumping into things in heavy seas. Our eating and drinking habits were strongly influenced by the weather.

Not all food was used since we sailed only for 22 days and half instead of 7 weeks. But I'm sure we were all happier to enjoy great 10 days holiday in Antigua than spending another 3 weeks on Atlantic eating pasta and tuna cans.
Not much pasta, rice and canned meat was used because we caught so many fish we were eating either fresh (frozen) meat or fish almost every day. 
A lot of cheese and dried meet was left over because we all preferred cereals for breakfast in the wild weather, which was very often – so most of the milk was used and almost all cereals. From previous sailing trip we expected more cheese and salamis to be used and we thought cereals would be mostly for additional 3 weeks. If we would sailed longer, we would ran out of cereals and milk in couple of days.

Some of the food we ate and drank before leaving the Lanzarote and some food and most drinks that were left from passage we ate and drank in the 10 days we were together in Antigua.

Guys were way to successful catching fish - this is our first dorado ...

... this is our second one .....

... there was a third one - smaller - a short while before this giant one ....

Afterwards we stopped fishing, we had to much fish to eat already. We ate all, they were all delicious and none of them died in vane.

Whenever the weather permitted, we had a barbeque. And ate from plates :-)

And we had a glass of wine after the meal.

Our favorite were T-bone steaks.

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