Saturday, October 1, 2011


We left Almerimar one day later than planned, captain found a great nautical shop and an Inox workshop there and it took time, till everything was purchased and completed.

We sailed off yesterday at about 4 in the afternoon, with weather forecast promising good strong wind from NE and also some bigger waves from E. And so it was - we were sailing with speed up to 10 knots on small flock only and waves were not to bad at the beginning. After 2 in the night the wind slowed down and at 5 in the morning it was so weak we had to start the engine. Unfortunately it stayed that way almost until we reached Gibraltar, only waves got bigger and made our trip quite uncomfortable.

There was very little traffic, a couple of cargo ships passing by in the distance and a sailboat sailing in the same direction as us. As we approached Gibraltrar, picture has changed - there were big ships everywhere, so we had to pay attention not to crash with any of them. AIS is a great help at keeping control over traffic, as well as radar.

Big waves never show very well on photos - on this photo it looks like we were on sunday walk in the park .... in fact waves were about 3m high and it was very choppy. 

It looks like British territory must have british weather - it was cloudy and hazy and the rock was barely visible.

Unfortunately both British marinas were full and didn't have berth for us, so tonight we are staying in Spanish part on anchor. Tomorrow we will take a day off to do some sightseeing and on monday - if weather and currents are in our favor - we will sail through Gibraltar straight.

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