Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another storm in Faro

Oh boy, what a night.... and it wasn't the first stormy one.

We survived storm on sunday night quite well, we were up a lot, checking on boat and anchor and things, but by morning the wind slowed down and all went back to normal. We heard though that there was some damage in the airport, some people even got injured. And Tomaz have seen many small boat half sunken from the rain in town marina.

Yesterday's storm was worse. Wind started already in the morning, but wasn't to strong. From the forecast we knew that it will get worse during the day and that the worst was to come in the night. In early afternoon we moved from Culatra to anchorage at commercial pier and by the time we arrived wind was blowing violently, for the first time in my life i've seen numbers above 40 knots on wind instrument. It was also first time for me to anchor in such a weather - and we had to do it twice, we moved from first spot to behind a small island in hope to get a little protection from waves. Wind was very strong the whole afternoon, there were longer  periods  when it didn't fall below 30 knots. And it was strange to see the tidal current holding the boat so it was sideways to the wind, so the boat was healed as if we were sailing. I had to cook with my stove unhinged and the pots were swinging around as on high seas. One would think that strong wind like that would manage to turn the boat into the wind. Wind managed to produce some unpleasant short waves, in the evening it also started to rain heavily with thunder and lightnings, so all that kept us up in the night. There were periods of calmer weather in the nigh, just long enough to fall asleep, to be woken up half an hour later by the howling of the wind again. This morning the wind is still strong, but it's "only" 20 knots, and at least there is some sun coming from behind the clouds, so it all looks a bit friendlier.

I didn't ordered weather like this and i want my money back! (local joke)

From monday afternoon, when we moved to Culatra, till yesterday the week was good, we spent a lot of time with Richard from Johnatan Livingston and we very much enjoyed his company. 

Here are some pictures from sunnier and warmer days - the first storm on sunday cooled down the air and the sea, so bathing season here is over.

Our two boats in front of Culatra.

Captain and admiral swimming back to Heron - going against the tidal current was quite a challenge....

Happy cat in Culatra village

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