Saturday, September 17, 2011

From Porto Colom to Ibiza

We stayed in Porto Colom till thursday and made a good use of time, manly doing maintenance on boat. One day we disassembled all the winches, cleaned them, greased the parts and put them back together. And surprise surprise - no parts were left over after we finished!

This is 53 Harken on left back side - for genoa, flock and gennaker.

This is 40 Harken on left inside for main.

These are some parts of the smaller winch.

The day after (on tuesday) we rented a car and drove to a couple of marine shops in Santa Ponca and near Palma to buy all we needed for maintenance on our Yanmar engine. Unfortunately after we got everything not much time was left to do sightseeing. But we both have already been to Mallorca twice. So on wednesday we changed oil and oil filter in engine and also Racor filter for fuel. Not everything went completely smoothly, but at the end we had a working engine that purred like a cat.

We managed to reserve a buoy (last one!) on Cabrera for the thursday night. We both like Cabrera very much, already from our previous visit. So we started very early (well ...) on thursday and were on Cabrera by 2 in the afternoon. And it was again absolutely beautiful - the old castle sitting at the entrance to the bay, the tranquility....

The castle - view from east

Lagoon with buoys - little boat on the left is Heron.

The water was perfectly clear with millions of fish. It was great to snorkel and to bathe and we used the two days we had to the fullest. We decided we will do a night crossing to Ibiza on friday night, since 73 miles are to much to do in one day.

On the other side of the bay with the buoys this sleepy creature is watching the entrance ....

... but it only looks sleepy - it is actually watching your every move ....

The passage was without any surprises, except that wind died at around one in the night so we motored the rest of the way. We started on Cabrera at 6 in the evening and dropped anchor on the SE corner of  Ibiza at 8.30 in the morning.

Sunset on friday ....

... and sunrise today.

 Now all we need is a good night rest - hope this "party" island will let us sleep.

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  1. Lili writes this blog for non sailors.
    Harken on left back side = port side main winch
    on left inside = cabin top port winch.